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A quality welding kit and DVD to get you started on the road to welding

MIG Welder for welding kit Saw for welding kit helmet for welding kit

grinder for welding kit extras for welding kit clamps for welding kit

Ever wished you could weld?

This is the ultimate welding kit to get you started

All kits come with a DVD to show you the basics in welding as well as access to our support forum for any questions you may have.

The kit includes:

  • 160amp Mig Stick Welder
    (incorporating the latest IGBT technology)
  • Auto Darken Welding Shield
  • 125mm Grinder (1050 Watts)
  • 355mm Drop Saw (2600 Watts)
  • F/Clamps x 2 (300 Forged Steel)
  • Gloves, Chipping Hammer & Wire Brush

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Latest Welding Kit

The idea for the kits came from talking to a lot of people who told us that they wished that they could weld. This gave us the idea for the DVD to really help people who have never welded before to gain enough knowledge to put down a weld that would be structurally sound.

With the Venom Welding Kit and DVD you will be able to fabricate and repair most things that are made of steel eg. Work bench, steel posts for decks awnings and landings, steel racking, gates, mesh sides for box trailers, dog boxes for the back of utes and a steel frame for a pergola. The kit has all major components to allow you to achieve this and with our forum we can help everyone who purchases a Venom Welding Kit with ongoing information, tips and projects.

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